Brazil eVisa Cost

Payment and prices for the Brazilian Visa

Information on fees and payment methods for the Brazil eVisa

How much does the eVisa for Brazil cost?

The electronic visa for Brazil is currently available for citizens of Australia, Canada, Japan, and the US.

The online application for the Brazil eVisa is a secure process. To obtain the electronic travel authorization for Brazil, applicants must pay a tourist visa fee.

The Brazil eVisa cost includes the expert assistance and constant support from our customer service team.

  • The multiple-entry eVisa for Brazil costs: 40 USD plus our service fee. These fees equate to the cost of the Brazil eVisa.
  • The fee for the e-Visa for Brazil is the same for all applicants. Minors under 18 years-of-age, including young children, also need a visa to travel to Brazil.
  • The eVisa for Brazil enables visitors to travel to and around Brazil. It is valid for 2 years and allows visitors to spend up to 90 days a year in the country.


Payment Methods to obtain the Brazil eVisa

Travellers from eligible countries who wish to visit Brazil are required to have an approved eVisa to enter the country. Applicants should cover the cost of the eVisa for Brazil when completing the online application.

It is important to note that an application cannot be submitted without making the payment. The most common payment methods to cover the fee are a debit or credit card such as Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.