Why has my Brazil eVisa been denied?

brazil evisa denied

The majority of application are approved and are processed quickly and efficiently. However, some Brazilian eVisa refusals are inevitable and they can happen for a variety of reasons.

After applications are submitted the information is screened against several security databases and some applications are denied for security reasons. However, this is not the main reason why some Brazil eVisas are denied.

The main reasons why Brazil visas are not approved: mistakes on the application, photos not meeting the specifications, and people not meeting the Brazil visa requirements.

If your application has been rejected it is possible to reapply for a visa for Brazil.
Before reapplying it is important to understand why your Brazil eVisa has been rejected to you can avoid it being denied for the same reason.

Errors on the Brazil eVisa application form

When completing the Brazil online visa application form it is important to ensure that all the information is entered fully, honestly, and accurately. Any mistakes or incomplete information can lead to an application being denied.

Even small mistakes can cause visa refusals. Some of the most typical mistakes include misspelled names and incorrect passport numbers. Before submitting the application people should double-check every detail to ensure there are no mistakes.

Applicants are required to provide information about their health history, travel plans, their, and some basic personal details such as name, address, and date of birth. There are also some security-related questions.

If an application has been refused because of a small mistake it is simple to reapply for another Brazil Visitor Visa. The online application for the eVisa only takes a matter of minutes to fill out.

What can I do if my Brazil eVisa is denied?

In the rare case that your Brazil eVisa is denied, you can re-apply for a Brazil eVisa on our platform. You can also contact us for further assistance.

It’s very important to provide accurate details on the application. Small mistakes, like a misspelled name or the wrong passport number, could lead to an issue with your eVisa for Brazil.

Please note the granting of a visa does not guarantee entry into Brazil, the final decision is made by immigration officers at the point of entry.

Brazil eVisa photo: wrong specifications

For your eVisa application to be approved it is necessary to provide a passport-size photo with meet a number of specifications. The authorities are strict about the rules regarding the photo so applicants should pay special attention to them.

The Brazil eVisa photo passport must meet the following specifications to avoid a visa refusal:

  • It must be taken from the front with the applicants face and shoulders centralized on the camera.
  • It must be taken against a white background.
  • There cannot be any reflections, shadows, or glare in the photo.
  • The applicant’s facial expression must be neutral and both eyes must be open.
  • Dark glasses, tinted lenses, and glasses with thick frames are not acceptable.
  • Headgear including hats, are unacceptable, unless there is a necessary religious reason. However,
  • Headgear worn for religious reasons cannot prevent a perfect, clear view of the applicant’s face.
  • Children must not appear with toys or pacifiers, the hands of people holding them must be out of view.

Not fulfilling the Brazil visa requirements

To successfully apply for a Brazil eVisa is is essential to meet all the visa requirements. If an applicant does not fulfill the requirements their Brazil eVisa will not be authorized.

Applicants must have a valid passport from one of the four eligible countries (USA, Canada, Australia, and Japan). It is also necessary to complete all the information on the application form, and pay the visa fee using a credit or debit card.