Do children need a visa for Brazil?

brazil visa for a child

Unless you are from a visa-exempt country, many individuals require a Brazilian visa in order to visit Brazil. At present, those who require a visa for Brazil can apply via a simple application form online. Providing that applicants meet the Brazil visa requirements when applying via the Brazil visa application form, the eVisa can be processed quickly and is sent to applicants by email.

Many applicants ask, do children need a Brazil visa? The following information informs you of the current status of the Brazil visa application process for children.

Brazil eVisa for a child

The Brazil eVisa is designed to facilitate the process of obtaining a travel visa for Brazil and can be done electronically. Once approved, the Brazil visa is received via email and should be printed off ready for arrival at the Brazilian border.

Applicants can request a Brazil travel visa due to multiple reasons, such as business, short-term medical treatment and tourism. There are also other options for obtaining a Brazil visa online.

No matter how old you are, if you are from a country which is required to apply for a Brazilian travel visa, it is necessary to request and travel with an approved Brazil eVisa. This includes children of young ages, regardless as to whether they travel on their parents’ laps.

If your child is endorsed on your(their legal guardian’s) passport, it will not be possible to process an eVisa for Brazil. A Brazil eVisa for a child can only be processed if the applicant possesses their own passport. This is due to the necessary documentation required for processing a Brazil eVisa for children.

Documentation required for Brazil visa for kids

In addition to the necessity of possessing their own passport, minors applying for a Brazil eVisa should be able to provide a passport sized photo, a minor authorization letter from parents or a legal guardian and the passport bio page.

Read about the Brazil visa photo requirements for more information on the specifications and additional information required when applying for a Brazilian eVisa.

A Brazil visa for children is priced at the same eVisa fee as for adults.

Brazil eVisa application process

The objective of the Brazil eVisa is to simplify the process of obtaining a visa, as well as speeding up the process significantly.

In the event that your Brazil visa is rejected, you can re-apply for a visa. The rejection of your visa could be due to typos, spelling mistakes or the misspelling of your passport number.

It is crucial to provide correct details in order to receive your Brazil eVisa approval.

Brazil visa validity for children

As with all online visa waivers granted to applicants, the Brazil visa for kids is valid for 2 years, but only permits a 90-day stay per year. Although there is no limit to the amount of visits travelers pay a year, provided that they don’t exceed 90 days in total. The Brazil eVisa for a child is a multiple entry visa.
The application form takes a matter of minutes to complete and does not require a trip to an embassy. Usually, the Brazil eVisa is completed within 5 working days.