Brazil Week: What is and What to Know

brazil week

Brazil has decided to promote tourism and stimulate patriotism in order to improve the country’s image and the reputation of the current government. After the government changed office, Bolosonaro, Brazil’s president and his office began to reform the social welfare of Brazil. The annual Independence Day of Brazil will undergo a revamp and also enable both businesses and citizens of Brazil to take advantage of the special events and offers.

What is Brazil Week?

Brazil Week will become an event of commemoration that marks the annual event of Brazil’s Independence Day. Every year, Brazil celebrates its independence with festivities and parades in most cities of Brazil. There are many displays of patriotism and military parades. On the famous Sete de Setembro, the main celebration takes place at the Ministries Esplanade (Esplanada dos Ministérios) in Brasilia where the President of Brazil attends the military parade along with approximately 30,000 spectators.

However, there will also be other events that celebrate the parade of September 7, such as a Black Friday-style discount day. The traditional parade of September 7 was chosen by the Special Secretary of Social Communication (SECOM) in a bid to increase awareness and popularity of the parade. Businesses will be encouraged to participate by discounting products of giving special offers to clients.

Brazil Week Celebrations

Black Friday is already an annual marketing event that began in North America and has subsequently spread through Europe and other parts of the world over recent years. Brazil’s aim to introduce their own Brack Friday for Brazil Week aims to promote Brazilian Independence Day, enabling all citizens to benefit from retail discounts whether attending a parade on September 7 or not.

It has also been said that the tourism sector, predominantly hotel businesses, will participate in Brazil Week. Hence, this will boost domestic tourism in Brazil, enabling Brazilians who wish to visit Brasilia to experience the famous parade or other cities where there are also many celebrations.

Last year, the government spent approximately R$817,000 (US$210,123) on the Sete de Setembro events. This year, the government has decided to increase the investment bid to R$1.2 million (US$300,000).

In July, the President of Brazil, Bolsonaro, was invited to celebrate the commemoration of the United States Independence Day that takes place every year on July 4. The SECOM team of Bolsonaro’s office also joined him and it is believed that this is how the Brazilian concept was inspired and developed.

Brazil Boosts Tourism with Visa Waiver

The Brazilian government also has plans to promote other destinations in Brazil through the visa waiver that is currently granted to four different nationalities. Citizens of the United States, Australia, Canada, and Japan are able to visit Brazil by applying for a visa waiver for Brazil. A campaign is being prepared by Embratur and the Ministry of Tourism in order to raise awareness on the international front for both Brazil Week and continual tourism in Brazil.

Embratur’s New Tourist Campaign

Embratur is the name of the official tourist board in Brazil, also known as the Brazilian Tourist Board. It is an agency owned by the stated that was formed in 1966. The board works in conjunction and reports to the Brazilian Ministry of Tourism and works on all areas of tourism in Brazil. Not only does the agency support tourism in Brazil, but it also promotes and markets tourism, developing, and sustaining it.

A new slogan has been created by Embratur to promote tourism from abroad. Embratur’s campaign, “Brazil, visit and love us”, has been designed with a stylized national flag and hopes to welcomes tourism from abroad to the country.

Recent news and happenings in Brazil have been reported negatively by international media news reporters and platforms, particularly reflecting Bolsonaro, the country’s new president. Brazil Week will be a way of celebrating Brazil and focusing on positive aspects of the country, as well as a way of reinstalling the commemorations of its Independence Day.

Bolsonaro wishes to project a positive image of the country he governs and hopes to change the way the media and other parties view him and his government through the celebration of Brazil on Independence Day and throughout Brazil Week.