Can I extend my Brazilian Visa while in the Brazil?

extending a Brazil eVisa

There are countless reasons why a visitor might want a Brazilian visa extension. It is a vast, incredible country with an amazing amount to offer. There might also be a practical need for extending your Brazilian visa.

The Brazil eVisa has been made available to citizens of the USA, Canada, Australia, and Japan. Generally speaking it is quick and simple to apply for, and the Brazil eVisa renewal process is just as straightforward as the original application.

However, technically, extending a Brazil eVisa is not possible from within the country. This leaves visitors with two options: leave the country temporarily to extend the Brazil eVisa, or apply for a visa extension at a federal police station.

Visitors can spend up to 90 days a year in the country with the Brazil eVisa. The visa is valid for two years and allows multiple entries into the country.

How do I extend my visa in Brazil?

To extend your visa while you are in Brazil it is necessary to apply at any federal police station. You can apply to stay for an additional 90 days.

You need to apply for the visa extension Brazil before your visa has expired. If you go to the police station with an expired visa, you will be given notice that you have seven days to leave Brazil.

Firstly, you need to print and fill out a copy of the Brazilian visa application form from the government website. It needs to be completed fully, accurately, and with blue or black ink.

You also need to pay for the visa fee at any bank before you go. You will need to take the receipt with you to the police station.

Then you need to take the Brazil visa extension form to a federal police station along with a bank statement (to prove you have enough funds to support yourself), proof of onward travel (flight ticket), your passport, your original visa, and the receipt of the visa payment.

How to extend my Brazil eVisa?

If you are outside of Brazil the process is much simpler. The online application for extending a Brazil tourist visa only takes a few minutes to complete. Applicants just need to enter some basic information such as their contact details, date of birth, passport details, and travel plans.

To submit the application the applicant needs to pay a fee using a credit or debit card. The processing time is the same as the original application, around five business days. It can take longer if extra documentation is needed.

When extending a Brazilian tourist visa it is necessary to provide a passport-size photo which must meet some requirements. Read the guide to obtain the Brazil visa for more information.

Overstaying your visa

The fine for overstaying your Brazil visa is around 8 reais a day (the maximum is 800 reais). You can pay the fine before leaving, or pay it when you return to Brazil upon entry. You would not be banned from the country but you would not be able to return for six months.

If you are caught with an expired visa, you are given 7 days to leave the country, you will also need to pay the fine, and have to stay out of the country for six months.

Although sometimes travelers get away with overstaying their visa as the border authorities often only glance at visas, you should be careful. If you are planning on visiting Brazil regularly or for long-term stays, it is best to stay within the rules to avoid complications and problems.