Brazil eVisa FAQ | Brazilian Visa Frecuently Questions

Frequently asked questions about the Brazil eVisa. Find the answers about the Brazilian Tourist Visa and get in touch with our experts if you have doubts.

Applying for the Brazil eVisa

Everything you need to know about the eVisa for Brazil online application process. Learn about who is eligible to apply for one, what the basic requirements are, how long the application process takes, how you can check the status of your application, and what happens if you lose the electronic visa. In this section, you can find all the necessary information about how to apply for a Brazil eVisa.

Brazil eVisa Information

This section provides the basic information you need to know about the Brazilian eVisa. Find out what the eVisa for Brazil is, why it was created, who needs to apply for one, how it is different from a Consular Visa, and how long the visa is valid for.

Passport related Brazilian eVisa questions

It is essential that you are aware of the passport requirements for the eVisa for Brazil. The passport details on your eVisa must correspond exactly to those on your passport. Find out about visa renewals, what happens if your passport expires before your visa, and which passport you should use if you have dual citizenship.

Traveling with the Brazil eVisa

Find out the important information you need to know before traveling to Brazil your eVisa. Does the eVisa guarantee you entry into Brazil? What documents do you need to show to the Brazilian border authorities on entering the country? Find out the answers to these questions.