What is the difference between the eVisa for Brazil and the Consular Visa?

  • The Brazil eVisa application form for the eVisa is completed online, whereas to obtain the Consular Visa, you need to go to the Consulate in person.
  • The eVisa is valid for 2 years, allows visitors to spend 90 days a year in Brazil, and grants multiple entries.
  • The Brazil visa online is specifically for citizens of Australia, Canada, America, and Japan. The Consular Visa is available for a wider range of nationalities.
  • The eVisa is not stamped on your passport and only a printed copy will be necessary to enter the country. A Consular Visa requires a visit to a Brazilian Embassy or postal services.
  • The eVisa is not an emergency visa, applicants for emergency visas need to go to the nearest consulate.