Brazil eVisa for Japanese Citizens

Brazil eVisa for Japanese Citizens

The Brazil eVisa for Japanese citizens has been launched on the 11th of January,  eliminating the need to go to an embassy or consulate to seek travel authorization. The new electronic visa allows Japanese travelers to apply for and obtain the Brazil visa online in just a few minutes.

Not only will it save the hassle of obtaining a traditional visa, the new Brazil visa for Japanese citizens will improve the process at the Brazilian border control by quickening waiting times. The information which was previously screened on arrival is now cross-checked during the online application process.

The Brazil eVisa allows Japanese travelers to enter Brazil for several purposes including tourism, business, transit, education, and short-term medical treatment. The Brazil visa for Japanese is valid for two consecutive years and permits multiple entries into Brazil. There is no limit on the number of trips to Brazil as long as the total amount of time spent in Brazil does not exceed 90 days a year.

How to apply for a Brazil eVisa from Japan?

Applying for the Brazil eVisa for Japanese is straightforward and quick. The online application form only takes a few minutes to complete and is processed within five working days.

The Brazil visa online application form involves entering personal information (such as name, address, and date of birth) and passport details, as well as answering some questions related to security and health.

Applicants also have to provide a passport-sized photo as well as an up-to-date email address to receive the electronic visa.  Once the application has been approved, the visa is sent to the traveler by email. Japanese citizens wishing to travel to Brazil can print a copy to present to the Brazilian border authorities, along with their passport, upon entry.

Brazilian visa requirements for Japanese citizens

There are a few basic requirements which Japanese citizens must meet in order to successfully obtain the Brazilian eVisa. It is necessary to have a valid Japanese passport, a credit or debit card to pay the fee, and an up-to-date email address to receive the electronic visa.

Further information can be found in the Brazil eVisa requirements section.

Brazil: a vibrant Latin-American paradise

Brazil is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. Its colorful, vibrant culture, famed for its carnival festivities, love of football, Latin music scene and welcoming people, combined with its natural beauty, make it a truly unique country.

The largest country in South America, Brazil’s endless stretches of glorious coastline contains over 2000 beaches. The sandy shores and the lure of the Atlantic ocean are an irresistible draw for visitors.

The Amazon River and Rainforest are well-known attractions and contain a rich, megadiverse range of wildlife. Some of the highlights include jaguars, anteaters, sloths, otters, river dolphins, and armadillos. In total there are 62 national parks which visitors can enjoy.

Carnival is the biggest celebration of the calendar year and the parties are not restricted to Rio de Janeiro, it is celebrated throughout the country. The home of samba and lambada, Brazil is the perfect location for those who love to dance.

Brazilian food has an international reputation and is always one of the things to look forward to during a holiday. Tourism in Brazil has been on the rise since the 2016 Rio Olympics. The increase in visitors has led to a boom in the sector and the construction of new attractions, restaurants, and hotels.

The new visa for Brazil for Japanese enables eligible citizens to enjoy the fabulous country and save the hassle of obtaining the conventional visa.