What to do if I need medical care during a trip to Brazil?

medical care during a trip to Brazil

Brazil is an exuberant destination, packed with amazing activities and things to see.
When traveling to Brazil, however, you should be careful about a number of things, from how to get around and to what to do in case you get sick. Though not ideal, you might need medical care during a trip to Brazil.

Before booking your trip to Brazil you should make sure that you have a Brazil eVisa or a visitor visa, and medical insurance for Brazil. These are two keys elements when planning your trip. To obtain the eVisa you simply need to complete de Brazil visa form online with your passport and personal details.

Visit your doctor between 4 to 6 weeks before your trip to Brazil to check whether you need any vaccinations or other preventative measures. Currently Brazil has been classified as having a risk of Zika virus transmission, this is especially dangerous for women who are trying to get pregnant or are already expecting.

Medical insurance for Brazil

The health care system in Brazil is free since 1988 and it is funded by the government, but it relies on private provision much more than in the United Kingdom. As a foreign national you are entitled to emergency medical treatment in Brazilian public hospitals. With that said, your should be warned that public hospitals in Brazil tend to be crowded. If you wish to go to a private hospital you will not be accepted unless you can provide evidence of sufficient funds or a medical insurance.

Medical insurance when traveling to Brazil might eventually save your from a bad experience. If you take medication, make sure that you take a good supply of them on your trip plus a prescription from your doctor. In case of a medical emergency in Brazil you can dial 192 and request for an ambulance or call your private health insurance for information about where to go.

A large amount of Brazilians, particularly in the biggest cities in the south, have private health insurance. The private health insurance sector in Brazil is not accessible for all. If you have an emergency while in Brazil, private hospitals will require a large deposit upon admission. If you have health insurance for Brazil, the company should issue you with a health card which you should carry at all times. This can help you when you need to be admitted in the hospital and could guarantee reimbursement of most of the charges.

For people living in Brazil, private health insurance has been on the rise and prices have inflated rapidly since 2009. Expats in Brazil must have private health insurance in order to work in the country. If you are simply traveling to visit Brazil, you should study your options and travel with international coverage or travel insurance.

Before you travel to Brazil, make sure you have reviewed the entry requirements and have one of their Brazil visitor visa types in order to enter the country. Check with your doctor about the necessary vaccines and pack mosquito repellent. Remember that to travel smart it is worth investing on insurance with international coverage. Better safe than sorry.