The new eVisa for Brazil is here!

new brazil visa

With paradise beaches, megadiverse wildlife, beautiful colonial architecture, and a flamboyant culture, it is no surprise that Brazil is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

Thankfully it has just gotten much easier to travel there. The new eVisa for Brazil is here and has been designed to simplify and quicken the process of getting a visa to go to Brazil. Travellers from eligible countries can easily complete the online application to obtain the electronic visa.

Citizens of AustraliaCanada, the USA, and Japan can currently apply for the visa though more countries are expected to be added to the list.

How to get an eVisa for Brazil

Getting an eVisa for Brazil is quick and easy. The first step is to complete the Brazil online visa application form which just takes a few minutes.

There are some questions regarding travel plans, health history, and some basic personal details such as name, address, and date of birth. It is also necessary to upload a recent passport-style photo.

After the application form has been completed it is necessary to pay the fee for the visa and provide an email address, which the eVisa is sent to in .pdf format.

The application is normally processed within 5 working days. Sometimes additional documentation may be required which lengthens the process.

It is really important that applicant’s answer the questions carefully, as incorrect information, or incomplete sections, could result in the application being rejected. Travelers are advised to complete the application at least a week before departure.

How long is a Visa for Brazil valid for?

The visa is valid for 2 years and permits visitors to spend up to 90 days a year in Brazil. It is a multiple-entry visa which means that there’s no set limit on the number of times a visa-holder can enter Brazil, as long as the total number of days spent in Brazil does not exceed 90 days in a year.

If a traveler’s passport expires before the two-year validity of their visa, the eVisa will expire at the same time as their passport. The eVisa for Brazil cannot be transferred between passports. It would be necessary to reapply for a new Brazil eVisa to match the new passport.

The Brazil eVisa allows trips to Brazil for touristic and business purposes. This includes trips for the following purposes: transit, journalism, sports activities, artistic activities, cultural or scientific programs, studying, volunteering, and short-term medical treatment.

Arriving in Brazil with the eVisa

As well as simplifying the application process, the new visa scheme has also been designed to quicken the process at border control.

On arrival in Brazil, travelers must present their eVisa along with their passport to the Brazilian border authorities.

It is crucial that the details on the visa match those of the passport exactly. If an applicant has two passports it’s essential that they use the same for the application and for traveling.