Brazil Visa News

Information and advice to travel to Brazil with an Brazilian Online Visa

important public holidays in Brazil

Most important public holidays in Brazil

It is important to know when the public holidays in Brazil are when planning your trip. Find out the dates and discover why and how each day is celebrated.

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medical care during a trip to Brazil

What to do if I need medical care during a trip to Brazil?

If you need medical care during a trip to Brazil you can go to a public hospital. However, think about hiring private health insurance with international coverage.

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Can I extend my Brazilian Visa while in the Brazil?

Extending your Brazilian visa while in the country is not so simple. Find out how you can extend your Brazil visa and lengthen your stay.

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How to renew an Online Visa for Brazil

The Brazil eVisa renewal process

Renewing a Brazil eVisa takes just a few minutes and is as simple as the original application. Learn more about how to renew a Brazil eVisa online.

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Brazil Visa on Arrival

Everything you need to know about the Brazil eVisa and the Brazil Visa on Arrival

There is no such thing as a Brazil Visa on Arrival. You can get visas for Brazil from an embassy or online. Learn about the different visas for Brazil.

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