US, Japan, Australia and Canada Exempt from Brazil Visa

new brasil visa exempt

Recent changes have led to the Brazil visa policy changing its exemption rules, enabling US, Japanese, Australian, and Candian citizens to visit Brazil without a visa when traveling to Brazil for touristic purposes.

The principle of reciprocity, a historical part of diplomacy in Brazil, has been broken in order to process this new visa regulation for citizens of the U.S., Japan, Australia, and Canada. The new decision does not imply any reciprocative policies from such countries, as Brazilian tourists will still require a visa into order to travel to any of the four countries.

The visa exemption for the four countries will be applied to tourists visiting for up to 90 days in Brazil. However, it will be possible to extend the visa by another 90 days in most cases. This visa exemption period will be granted to all four nationalities, providing that tourists do not exceed these periods of stay (180 days a year counted from the first day of entry).

eVisa Scheme for Brazil

At the end of 2017, a new eVisa policy was set up for American, Japanese, Australian, and Canadian citizens who wished to visit Brazil. Citizens of the four countries were able to apply for a visa online without visiting an embassy and benefited from an accelerated visa application process.

Since launching the electronic visa process for Brazil, the Ministry of Tourism has indicated that visa applications grew by approximately 40%. It is not clear how much of this has been caused as a result of the electronic visa process created for the four nationalities.

The ministry has decided that exempting U.S., Australian, Canadian, and Japanese tourists from a visa will no compromise Brazil’s security and will also reduce visa-related bureaucracy greatly.

This is not the first time that all four of these nationalities have been exempt from a Brazilian visa policy, as during the Rio Olympics in 2016, there was a lift on the visa policy between June and September to encourage tourism in Brazil. During this time, over 163,000 foreign nationals from the four countries visited Brazil.

Visiting the U.S. from Brazil

While Brazil has loosened its visa policy for U.S. citizens, as of yet there has been no similar action taken by U.S. administration. In the last year, interview procedures for Brazilian citizens applying for U.S. visas have been changed and visa applicants aged between 14 and 79 are currently required to attend an interview prior to being granted a visa.

Previously, this age gap was able to apply for a visa for the U.S. without being interviewed. This interview requirement has also been extended to those who wish to renew their U.S. visa.