Travel to Rio de Janeiro

Brazil visa for Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is the capital of Brazil and the most popular international tourist destination in South America, with almost 3 million annual visitors. Before planning to travel to Rio de Janeiro, it’s wise to check whether or not an eVisa Brazil is needed.

The Brazil Tourist Visa for Rio de Janeiro

Non-visa-exempt citizens traveling to Brazil will require a tourist visa for Rio de Janeiro. The new electronic Brazil visa for Rio de Janeiro is now available for eligible countries Australia, Canada, Japan, and the USA. It can be obtained through completing the Brazil visa application online, which will only take minutes.

All Australian, Japanese, Canadian and United States citizens planning to visit the country for tourism, business or other purposes must obtain a Brazil visa for Rio de Janeiro. The visa Rio Janeiro is valid for 2 years and allows eligible citizens to spend 90 days a year in Brazil. Additional countries are expected to be announced as eligible for the Brazil eVisa in the future.

When completing the online form, applicants will have to choose from the type of Brazil visa for Rio de Janeiro that they require for the purpose of the trip. Visa to Rio Janeiro types include:

  • Transit
  • Journalism
  • Sporting or artistic activities
  • Cultural or scientific programs
  • Study
  • Volunteer
  • Short-term medical treatment

Further visa Rio Janeiro requirements include a valid passport, a credit or debit card to pay the visa fee, and a current email address to receive the visa in your inbox. The visa can then be printed for presentation at the Brazil border alongside a valid passport.

Be aware that the photo requirements for the tourist visa for Rio de Janeiro are very strict, so it’s a good idea to make sure you have a compatible passport-style photograph. It’s also advisable to submit the visa to Rio de Janeiro application at least a week before traveling to Brazil, to ensure enough time for processing.

The Best Tourist Attractions in Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is an ideal tourist destination. Getting there is easy, as Rio de Janeiro International Airport is close to the city, just 20 kilometers from the center, and upon arrival, visitors have a wealth of Rio tourist attractions to choose from. If you’re planning to take part in local festivities, Brazil traditions can be quite specific, so it’s best to read up on local social customs before your trip. Once you have your visa to Rio de Janeiro, you can begin exploring this special city.

Rio de Janeiro Carnival

Although not considered one of the Brazil national holidays, the carnival in Rio de Janeiro is the country’s biggest annual celebration and one of the main draws for tourists visiting Brazil. Carnival takes place over 6 days following Ash Wednesday, in either February or March and a wide variety of street parades and parties take place all over Rio de Janeiro. As the festival is a major international attraction, carnival revelers must book accommodation and apply for a tourist visa for Rio de Janeiro well before traveling.

Rio de Janeiro Beaches

The beaches in Rio de Janeiro are widely considered to be some of the best in the world.

Barra de Tijuca is the longest beach in Rio de Janeiro and has a reputation for white sands and crystal-clear water. It’s less crowded than some other beaches in Rio and is also popular for surfing and kite surfing.

Copacabana is considered the best beach in Rio de Janeiro by many. The long sandy beach hosts the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup and is also the location for the biggest New Year’s Eve party in Rio.

Sugarloaf Mountain Cable Car

Newcomers to Rio are greeted by the sight of a uniquely-shaped peak jutting out of the Atlantic Ocean in Guanabara Bay. This is Sugarloaf Mountain, named by 16th-century Portuguese merchants for its resemblance to the blocks of sugar they traded in. One of the most popular tourist attractions is to take a ride on the Sugarloaf mountain cable car, allowing visitors to take in panoramic views over Rio de Janeiro through the car’s glass walls.

Tijuca National Park

Rio is surrounded by tropical rainforest-coated mountains, and this protected area stretches across much of it, making it one of the largest urban forests in the world. Numerous protected native animals call this jungle their home, such as the white-winged vampire bat and the brown-throated sloth. Tourists can visit the impressive 100-foot Cascatinha Waterfall, and climb to the Vista Chinesa panoramic viewpoint.

Christ the Redeemer Statue

Also in Tijuca National Park, tourists can visit the statue of Christ the Redeemer on top of Corcovado mountain. This gigantic statue above Rio de Janeiro is one of the most recognizable monuments in the world. Visitors can take a funicular railway to the base of the mountain, and then make the rest of the journey on foot. However, this is much easier than in previous years as elevators and escalators have now been installed so visitors can get to the incredible views over Rio de Janeiro from above a little bit faster!

There are many other incredible attractions to visit on holiday in Brazil. Make sure you get your visa for Rio de Janeiro before traveling so you can see them all!