Brazil eVisa Application Errors

Brazil is one of the main tourist destinations in South America; with such a vast topography and distinct culture, people are drawn to Brazil from all over the world. This makes planning a trip to Brazil hugely enjoyable but it is essential to remember to get any travel documents in order before departure, such as getting a Brazilian visa online, which may be necessary to enter and travel around Brazil.

When it comes to filling in the Brazil visa application form, it is possible that errors can be made which cause the Brazil eVisa to be denied. Committing Brazil visa mistakes could cost you your trip to Brazil so it is of vital importance that each applicant pay special attention to each section involved in the online application and read the instructions and tool tips carefully.

In order to avoid having your Brazil visa rejected, the following are some aspects that should be mindfully considered.

Mistakes with the types of Visas for Brazil

As is the case with most travel visas for different countries around the world, Brazil offers distinct visas for various purposes depending on the reasons a person needs to visit the country.

There are several types of Brazil tourist visa that offer entry to people who fulfill different requirements or who aim to participate in different activities such as medical, business or religious tourism.

It is therefore easy to get confused about which visa to apply for if you are not entirely sure which category fits your needs.

  • If you are searching for the right travel documents to be able to pass through Brazil on the way to another country, you may need a Brazil transit visa.
  • If, however, you’re looking to travel with children or you are under the age of 18 you may need to apply for a Brazil visa for kids.
  • If you have already applied in the past for a visa and you are planning on traveling to Brazil again but the allotted time has past or you have a new passport since the first visa was issued, you will need to get a visa renewal for Brazil in order to be allowed entry.
  • Another possibility that could be required during your stay is a visa extension for Brazil which will allow travelers to extend their trip a limited amount of time.
  • Finally, if you have already entered Brazil but cannot leave within the time allotted by your initial visa, you should be well informed of issues concerning an overstay of a Brazil visa in case you need to present extra documentation or there are fines involved.

Checking you are applying for the correct visa that suits your eligibility and purpose before starting the application process should help to avoid any Brazil eVisa problems or confusion.

Problems with the Requirements for a Visa to Brazil

Depending on your nationality and certain other aspects, there are specific Brazil visa requirements that must be adhered to in order to be granted a Brazil eVisa. It is necessary for every traveler to comply with the eligibility rules according to the visa they need to travel.

The required documentation that each traveler should have with them in order to complete the online application for a visa to Brazil includes:

  • A valid passport from an eligible country.
  • An active email address where the eVisa will be sent.
  • A credit/debit card to pay the Brazil visa fee.

Some applicants may be obliged to present extra documentation such as for a child visa and all travelers should also prepare a Brazil passport-style photo to provide with their online visa application.

If applicants do not read the requirements and send applications without finding out if they are eligible for a visa, this can result in many Brazil evisa errors occurring.

Common Brazil eVisa Application Mistakes

When it comes down to the application process, once travelers know that they are eligible and have chosen the correct visa application to send, there are also possibilities of committing other Brazil visa mistakes that can lead to the visa being denied.

Often applicants are sent with silly mistakes that can be avoided by using an agency who double check the visa application prior to its submission.

These visa errors can include:

  • Misspelling of personal or contact information: names, emails, etc.,
  • Miscalculation of dates of travel or passport issue and expiry dates,
  • Mistakenly answering health and security questions incorrectly,
  • Errors in passport details such as names or numbers which do not match completely.

Also, as some applicants need to provide extra documents and a photo to complete their Brazil visa application, these should always be carefully verified for mistakes, inconsistencies or in the case of the photo, check that it corresponds correctly to the photo specifications.

Make sure to double check your visa application before sending it and if possible, for extra safety, use a Brazil eVisa agency who can revise your application before submitting it correcting any errors and ensuring a 100% mistake-free Brazil visa application form.