Brazil eVisa for US Citizens

brazil visa for us citizens

With the arrival of a new Brazil visa for US citizens, also known as the Brazil eVisa or electronic travel authorization for Brazil, Americans can now travel to Brazil without the hassle and complications of applying for a traditional travel visa at an embassy or consulate.

The new online Brazilian visa for US citizens will not only eliminate the need to apply in person at a Brazilian consulate or embassy but will also vastly improve waiting times upon arrival in Brazil for Americans. The border control access will be greatly accelerated with the information usually required at that moment having been previously provided and screened.

The e-Visa for Brazil for US citizens allows individuals who wish to visit Brazil for tourism, medical treatment, studies, or business access to Brazil for a period of up to 90 days per year and is valid for two consecutive years.

The Brazil travel visa for US citizens is a multiple-entry visa which does not limit the number of times that a tourist can enter Brazil as long as they do not exceed the 90-day maximum stay per year.

Visit Brazil with new eVisa for Americans

Brazil is the second most visited country in all of Latin America after Mexico, where the second largest group of tourists are American citizens, therefore, the new visa to Brazil from the US should prove very popular and may even increase visits to this South American giant.

Tourists can apply for the visa for Brazil from the US in order to visit Brazil for many reasons including tourism, business, transit, journalism, sports or cultural purposes, scientific or study trips, volunteering and even short-term medical care.

With such a diverse range of activities and attractions awaiting tourists in Brazil, it’s easy to see why the Brazilian government have decided to implement the new electronic travel authorization for tourists and business travelers.

Visitors to Brazil from the US can take part in the ever-growing fashionable ecotourism by traveling to the Amazon, the Iguazu Falls National Park, the Chapada Diamantina Park, well-loved sand dunes, the Pantanal or any of the other hundreds of World Heritage Sites that Brazil is famous for. Not to mention the paradisiacal beaches, historic and cultural monuments, adventure tourism and the importance of Sao Paolo as a business hub, that brings in hundreds of thousands of American tourists each year.

Brazilian travel visa requirements for Americans

To get the chance to visit some of the jewels of South America, US citizens must apply for an online travel authorization for Brazil before departing. There are certain visa requirements for US citizens which each tourist must fulfill before applying.

So, what do US citizens need to get a visa for Brazil?

Firstly, all US citizens wishing to visit Brazil with an eVisa must have a valid US passport, a working email address where they will receive the approved Brazilian travel visa for US citizens and a credit or debit card to make the online visa fee payment.

As well as these items, all US citizens who apply for a Brazil eVisa will need to upload a passport sized photo that follows certain guidelines, which you can find explained in the visa requirements for American citizens, among other information about the Brazil travel visa application.

How to get a visa for Brazil as a US citizen

The process of applying for the Brazil eVisa is simple and fast. With an online visa application form, US citizens can quickly complete their registration and within 5 working days receive their approved e-Visa for Brazil.

The online application form requires American citizens to answer questions related to their health, travel and security status as well as input personal details such as date of birth, full names, address etc.

Once the traveler has successfully completed the online visa application form with the correct and accurate information, they will be asked to submit their passport-sized photo and provide a valid email address where they will receive the approved visa once it has been screened by the appropriate Brazilian authorities.The traveler will then pay the visa fee online via credit or debit card in order to finalize the process.

When the application is processed and approved, every American citizen wishing to travel to Brazil with their eVisa should print a copy to show the Border Control upon entry.